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                                                                                                    THE BAND


                               The Sunsetters is a very rare and unique duo consisting of Derrick McDonald, singer and drummer, and Jose
                 Pasquini on guitar. It doesn't seem like anything out of the ordinary but it is. These two musicians who seem to
                 have very different styles and influences of music have come together to create a sound that mesmerizes their
                 audiences. Derrick, who has a strong influence in reggae and R&B music, will sooth a crowd with his silky soulful
                 voice. When he sings a song, you feel and believe every word coming out of his mouth. That along with his minimal
                 approach to drumming is always a crowd pleaser. Then there is Pasquini. Being of Brazilian descend, Pasquini has a
                 very wonderful sense of melody that tends to leave fellow guitar players in awe. He will take on any style of music:
                 rock, reggae, blues, jazz, R&B and make it his very own. His creativity and improvisational skills with the music
                 creates a warm feeling and will have you wondering what he will play next. Although he never trained as a flamenco
                 guitar player, his style of playing will make you think so. People in Florida who are so use to the "one-man pre-
                 recorded band", will often ask him if he is playing along with a bass track. And he is not. Pasquini is able to
                 capture the essence of the bass line of a song along with the rhythm and melody making The Sunsetters sound like a
                 full band without the use of a sequencer.

                                What is The Sunsetters music? They call it twilight music: Two lights: the time when the two lights meet.
                 They have the ability to make you kick back and relax as if you were bathing in a warm summer day or to make you
                 want to get up and party and dance the night away. Whatever the occasion calls for, The Sunsetters will provide the
                 appropriate entertainment. If you need mellow background dinner music they've got you covered. If you need some get
                 up and feel alive and happy vibes, they've got that for you too. Once you take the opportunity to see The Sunsetters
                 in action, you will know.